Where’s Walt?

Monday, I spent about TWENTY hours with my brother and a bunch of other high school students at one of the most magical places on earth: Disney Land. Being the introvert-who-does-not-like-driving-or-high-school-or-lines-or-lack-of-sleep that I am, it was a bit of a trial. However, I persevered through this first-world-problem of mine, and came out on the other side with a free bracelet and two new Facebook friends (Don’t worry, they’re girls).

Not to sound pathetic, but really what this outing taught me is how much I love the friends that I have and how lucky I have been to be blessed with them. Walking around Disney wasn’t as fun when I had no one to count the gingers with, and it was uncomfortable when Cooper’s friends slipped up on their language or jokes, and then tried to recover it because they didn’t want to offend me. That reminded me of being in high school, and how hard it was to find encouraging, godly friends.

Things are kinda rough right now, but one of my prayers is that God will teach me to be joyful.

Love you all,


Awkward Moment #2: At Disney, we hung around some of Cooper’s couple friends. I was a third-wheel again. Well, sort of. Cooper  kept touching me and saying, “People think we’re dating!” The bright side was that I always had someone to be my ride-buddy.

Here are some fun highlights from the Disney Daye


Sorry, I found this, and needed to share it with you. Think…FC Friends. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OS7oaGNbc6M



You will notice cooper is wearing two different shirts in these pictures. Yes. He brought a spare shirt, and ended up changing after Splash Mountain. Luckily, he did not change shirts in public. He half-way changed his shirt in the middle of Disney Land, and then thought better of it, halted the process, and proceeded to the bathroom. *sigh of relief*


2 thoughts on “Where’s Walt?

  1. I love these last two entries. You went to Disney with Cooper after all, hahahaha. Thank you for sending my glasses, bracelet, and whatever you call the other thing. They weren’t missed, so you could’ve added three new beauties to your treasure box. I’m just now catching up on all my e-mails, comments, and letters.

    For all the worries we had – you’re right, nothing really went wrong… at all. I think desert center was God’s way of making us laugh and making the trip better.

    Can’t wait to read more. This is the best.

    LOVE YA! #jenny #volleyballgirls

    • Thanks:) Yes, and he paid, too! As much as I would love to hoard your belongings, I have very little space in this room haha.
      I agree, that was one of my favorite parts of the trip!

      Can’t wait for camp—it’s gonna be a blast and a half.
      Love you too, dear:)

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