An 8th

“Hey girl, it’s ***** (across the street). I would have texted sooner but V hooked me up with a little bit and I didn’t want to bother you during the week. Think you could help me get an 8th?”

“Who is this?”

“It’s *****, from across the street. Next to V and Bernie. I stopped by the garage a couple nights ago. Or rather, my dog invaded your house, lol.”

“Who do you think you are texting?”

“My neighbor… That lives with Bo”

“Sorry, it’s not. but i’m sorry you do drugs.”

“I meant an 8th of ribbon for my wedding projects. Geez way to jump to conclusions.

“I apologize for the nature of conversation that has been misconstrued. May God bless you in all that you do”

“Oh, well in that case best of luck on this happy occasion!”

This was a text message conversation that I had tonight, and I decided I needed to share it with you all. I have no profound statements of words of wisdom, just another conversation with someone who mistook me for a dealer. Have a good night, and “May God bless you in all that you do!”

And here’s some extra-reading for those of you who are curious, rebellious, or bored out of your minds:


One thought on “An 8th

  1. Wow. Wow. Wedding projects. Wow. 1/8th. I guess we need to meet this neighbor Bob who has a stash of 1/8th inch ribbons in his garage, and is willing to share.

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