I don’t have a witty title today.

“Do you remember me
I sat upon your knee…”

I have had this song stuck in my head for literally weeks. Please, before you judge me: I hate this song. Emma B is to blame for me even knowing the song. And yes, I know it isn’t even November yet. I don’t know what is wrong with me. Sarah and I made the most of it, though. Last night, since we were both in downer moods, we decided to counter that by having a Christmas-Music-Rootbeer-Float-Study-Session on the balcony. We even had a friend join us (I know, shocker). We might have had a little too much Christmas spirit, because it got really cold and I’m pretty sure it started snowing.

Today, I woke up at 7 am, in order to volunteer at Camp David. Before you start thinking that I am responsible, let me just tell you that I set my alarm for 6 am, and persistently hit snooze until 7:00 rolled around. Anyway, while at CD, I got to work through some word problems with the kids, and I got to explain scholarships to one of the kids. “Do you have to pay them back?” I explained the difference between loans and scholarships, and that was all great, but then he got tired of that conversation and asked me about the party scene at Pepperdine. “I don’t drink, but yes, there are parties.” I explained. After pressing me about my drinking habits, he divulged a little about his own experience with substance abuse, “When I was little, my dad handed me a beer, because he didn’t want me to try it on my own when I got older, but I liked it, and I just kept drinking.” One of the other kids I was tutoring was less talkative. He was just excited that his mom was picking him up the next day, and he would be able to see his daughter.

Later in the day, I decided to go to the beach. Of course, with Sarah in class, I went by myself. After a little windy-humanities studying, I put away my papers and jumped in the water. Let me just tell you, there are a few differences between the oceans of FL and CA. Not only was the temperature about 20 degrees colder than my beaches in the 813, but the waves were also about 20x larger [exaggeration]. I was knocked around, dunked under, held down, turned around, and waterlogged by these new waves. I could dive under the waves or try to stand my ground against them, but either way, it was challenging. I barely had the chance to catch a breath between the waves. As i finally stumbled to the shoreline, I thought about how much I missed the Gulf. Why? Well, for one, when I went to the gulf, I was never alone. It was also warm. Like, much warmer. Like, it warmed you to the soul warm. Do you know my favorite pastime at the gulf? Floating in the water. Just floating, letting the little blips of waves rock me gently as I napped in the ocean. But this new ocean—it’s different. I have to come prepared with a jacket, and I have to be comfortable coming alone sometimes. I can’t fall asleep in the water. I can’t just passively float by, allowing the gentle waves to direct my path: I have to fight the waves, or dive to avoid them. This kind of beach-going is active, dangerous. But, in the end, I guess it is different in a good way. I guess they are both oceans. They’re both gifts from God. And this new life of mine: the waves aren’t little blips. The environment isn’t always so warm. I won’t always be accompanied by tons of friends. But hey, they’re both gifts from God: this new life as well as that old one. Who says life’s supposed to be like the gulf all the time? I might as well jump in and remember to breathe.

A few small victories: 1) I got a 90% on my second “testing” class quiz. 2) I found out I really like key lime pie flavored yogurt (sorry mom). 3) I got 10 yogurts for 5 dollars. 4) They put up a wall in front of one of our “shortcuts” (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you probably skipped one of my entries. Shame on you).

Though question of the day: Do you think Jesse Mccartney looks like Ellen DeGeneres daughter? The answer is yes.


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