Well, I wrote a magnificent post. It was my best post ever. and then I’m pretty sure satan deleted it right before I was gonna post it, and it’s gone. Part of that is false. It wasn’t my best post ever. But it is gone. So, in honor of Halloween, here’s the fun-size version

Last night, in the workout room, I tried to drink some of my water, but instead my water bottle just squirt water all over the place: my clothes, my shoes, the elliptical, and the floor. With every move, my shoes made a squeaking sound, and my asian peers in the room just judged me more.

I’m as useless as a broken water bottle a lot of the time. I have what is needed, but I fail to use it. I let my selfishness, fear, or preoccupation get in the way of fulfilling my purpose. I purpose to do a lot of things other than what God has purposed me for, and that is when I get depressed or stressed or whatever: when I’m not focused on His purpose for me. How am I showing my relationship with God when I am just as upset or stressed as someone who doesn’t have His grace?

2 Timothy and Philippians 4 are great ones.

Now here’s a video

Go on your merry way, pretend this was a real post, and that you were moved to tears and laughter and all that jazz(y). (haha, gotcha)


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