All Aboard the Hogwarts Express

I could tell you about how I have as many jobs as I have classes right now.

I could tell you how I live with more girls than I have nuclear family members.

Or about how my nuclear family members are all over these United States (or did the government shutdown the “united” part, too?).

I could tell you about how I lost my license and my debit card.

I could tell you about how I found out about Caleb Bunting’s twin, who’s from Tampa.

Or about how I followed some Polk county plates to Starbucks tonight, and introduced myself, and didn’t even get arrested.


But I think I’ll tell you that yesterday I officially named my car the Hogwarts Express. She’s great. The whole fact that I have her is a huge blessing. That being said, Tequila was a blessing too, and we went through a lot together. From softball games, to cross country moves, she’s had everything from hoodrat baseball boys to 100 year old rocking chairs stuffed into the backseat. This is a gem from my old Pleonast, and I felt like this was the perfect time to share it:

Today I was walking to my car and was struck with an idea. My car is me. Well, not really, my car is Tequila, and she is named after an IHOP waitress I had several years ago. But in many ways, my car is an expression of who I am right now and how I feel right now. My car is relatively average looking. Silver. Covered in pollen. The front bumper has a big gash. or hole. or whatever. But that one is my fault, not Tequila’s. Maybe I’ll get it fixed someday. But I think it gives her character. One window is broken. I don’t really know how it happened. I just heard a noise one day, looked back, and realized the window wouldn’t roll up. At least it is a back window and it doesn’t matter all that much. Really, the window’s motor is broken and it’ll be fixed in a week or two, once I come up with the money. So at least there’s no broken glass or anything. I have, in the meantime, covered it with a garbage bag and yellow duct tape. Duct tape that andrea stole from tia. in the middle of a thunderstorm. While I was marooned at the business building wondering how to keep the water out of my car. Like I said though, As soon as I get the money it’ll be all better. I think that Tequila also needs new brakes. I mean, she’ll stop, but when I break really hard, the steering wheel shakes and it is scary. She is always running on empty. Well, not quite empty, but always very low. But she always has enough to get by. Her o2 filter is broken. For those of you who don’t know, apparently an o2 filter monitors the oxygen that is going into the engine. I guess it needs replaced or something, because that is what my mechanic said. Maybe she’ll run better once that is taken care of. I got my car from my grandma. Actually I bought her from my grandma. With the help of my parents. I wasn’t grateful enough for her at the time. I mean, I was grateful, but also felt entitled. Now I see her more as a responsibility, but she is also a huge blessing. And she isn’t like the van I used to drive: she is dependable. She never randomly dies on me, even when she’s having problems. Lastly, I want to tell you about Tequila’s markings. On the UN-broken back window, she has a smiley face drawn in blue faded window paint. And on the back window, there is a “Jesus Fish” and the word “Jesus” written in equally faded blue paint. I am not responsible for these markings. I can take no credit for them. They just magically appeared on my car one day a long time ago and I do not know how they got there. But I appreciate them. Because even when my car is looking her utmost ghetto and pitiful, she still is looking optimistic. When I glance up and see the garbage bag, yellow duct tape, and puncture wound, I also see the fish and smiley face. and I know I’m taken care of.

Sorry. I’m really random. Hope you didnt read all that. Imma go eat some breakfast for dinner now….

Wow, who knew I had emotions, even as a wee Sophomore? Anyway, most of that is true. But I want to make one amendment: It already is better, I don’t need to wait till I get the money. I am taken care of, and I hope that some day soon, I will remember that. You’d think that when I see THIS every day, I’d be better at remembering. But, whatever.


Sorry, I was too lazy to get out of my car to take this picture this evening…haha.

Why do I love the Hogwarts Express enough to name my Subaru after it? Well, for one, I think it will be simply lovely to proclaim, “all aboard the Hogwarts Express!” when it’s time to depart. But aside from that VERY important reason, I think the Hogwarts Express is a symbol of new beginnings. It’s the first tangible aspect of Hogwarts that new students witness. And yeah, the n00bs have an idea of where they are going, and they are excited and all that, but they don’t really have a clue what is in store for them. They don’t have a clue what the castle will look like. Or what their teachers will be like. Or what house they’ll be in. For that matter, they don’t have any idea what the rest of their lives will hold.

A friend of mine shared this article with me recently, and I thought it was pretty awesome. I know that people can serve God without being happy. I think Elijah is an example of that. But I think it’s pretty amazing when “studies” show that God is good for you. I feel like too often I act like the first type of joy-seeker: I look for it in pleasantness, in material comfort. And then it’s embarrassing how often those comforts seem insufficient, and I complain about stupid stuff, and get stressed over stupid things. Yeah, cool, the God of the universe gave his son to die for me so that I could eternally live in relationship with Him, but this wind is TOTALLY throwing off my tennis game, and my housemates are so ridiculous sometimes. (Yeah, so I tried not to complain at all today, and those were the two things I complained about). I mean, I’m supposed to be in relationship with Him now, so it’s kind of ridiculous for me to be upset about whatever it is that is going on enough to forget the bigger picture. It’s kind of cheapening the gospel. Who wants to hear the good news from someone who is constantly upset? Obviously the news isn’t THAT good.

In other news, I found the most wonderful thing in the world. It’s so wonderful, in fact, that I probably already told you about it.


Isn’t that great? It’s Harry Potter AND Psychology. The bad news is that Matt and I are BOTH INTJ (Malfoy), and Sarah is ENFJ (Dumbledore). So instead of being Harry, Ron, and Hermione, we’re two Malfoys and a Dumbledore. Great team there. Really, though, I am thankful every day for the wonderful friends God has blessed me with here. No one understands my nerdiness as much as Matt, and no one makes me try new things as much as Sarah. I couldn’t have planned things better if I had gotten the opportunity. Which makes me think that maybe it would be a good thing if none of my plans work out.

I have a vague idea of what this year, this decade, this life will hold, but I really don’t have any clue. I pray that it will be full of joy and peace and love, but aside from that, how can I plan it? Who cares if my compartment has two Malfoys and a Dumbledore? It’s pretty awesome. And I may not know for sure what’s awaiting me at the end of the train tracks, but I can enjoy the ride. I can enjoy the crazy schedule of juggling jobs and classes. I can relish the oddities my housemates hold. I can love the one family member I have left in CA. I can trust that the Lord will provide for me while I wait for my debit card to come. And I can listen to hours of Matt Hires and creep out Law School students in Starbucks parking lots…Oh, wait, I already did that tonight. It doesn’t matter that the train is cold, or that the ride is bumpy, or that I don’t have enough money for the trolley: all that matter is that I am with people I love, and that I am excited about where the train is taking me.

Peace, love, and [sensible] shoes.


7 thoughts on “All Aboard the Hogwarts Express

  1. Ok, I read it just now.. I had time, finally. So, I sit down to the table, I take a deep breath, and I read. every. word. Unfortunately, this is not the usual for me – I scan a reading, get distracted by something going on around me, try to focus again – deem I have the “gist”, and move forward. I am absolutely 100% satisfied with the decision to focus intently on this, because I kept laughing out loud and repeating certain phrases to my sister, who then.. also laughed out loud. She was absolutely thrilled that you found the HP MBTI chart – and so was I, but disappointed… because, she gave it to me last week [and didn’t inform me that I would match a HP character – also, I just freaked myself out there because I had a nearly 1.5 minutes internal debate about whether to use “a” or “an” before “HP character” in that sentence] – anyway… INTJ. Hermione. I applied to the architectural program at UAB the very next day. I’m easily swayed.

    So grateful that you have a new car, and so, so grateful for your beaming heart, Emma. I love you!

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