The Car

Rachel yelled at me from across the parking lot, “Emma, your car is on!”

It took 30 whole seconds of coaxing and convincing until I was able to grasp the hard truth that my Forester was somehow running, and locked, despite the fact that I had been diligently serving chicken for the past six hours. Dear reader, I am ashamed to tell you that I’d locked my keys in my car—with the car on—and gone along with my morning. I did that. That is a thing that I did.

“Would you mind if I took a ten?” I asked, in my fake-calm voice, before sprinting outside to inspect the situation.

Somehow, thanks to smart phone technology, Rachel’s help, and some delightful AAA employees, we managed to get a service truck on its way. There are few situations which feel more hopeless than waiting for AAA while watching your car slowly run itself to death. The “E” light had been on for who knows how long. Ricky and I passed the never-ending twenty minutes by attempting to break into my car using the wire hanger that he’d miraculously found somewhere.

We were profoundly unsuccessful in that effort, but the AAA man came just-in-the-knick-of-time. While my car seems to have survived, I’m not sure my Chick-fil-A rep’ will ever be the same.

The Attitude

You may have noticed from my last post that my return to Food Service Stardom was not exactly what I’d intended for my post-collegiate career. I must again regretfully inform you of a short-coming: I’ve had difficulty with keeping my patience levels where they need to be at all times. Thankfully, a friend pulled me aside to bring my attitude to my attention. It was uncomfortable, it was embarrassing, but I am glad she did. It’s hard to keep everything in focus sometimes, and…

The Job

If you had spoken with me last week, you would have found me high on life. I was interviewing with a company I really liked, for a position I really wanted. You could say I was engaged to the company. You could call it my Company Fiance, if you wanted to be weird about it. Yesterday, however, one of my friends texted me to ask if I’d heard about the lawsuit pending against my Company Fiance. No, I hadn’t. And honestly, I didn’t want to. I wanted to want this job. I wanted my six months of ceaseless job boards and cover letters to be over. But I had to look, and what I found wasn’t pretty. It was so un-pretty, in fact, that I declined the position when it was offered to me this morning.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the phrase “Friendsgiving” has been trending this holiday. What does that even mean? I’m supposed to give stuff to my friends? MMmm, no thanks that’s Christmas. Anyway, I named this post ThanksFriendsing because this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for my friends. Specifically, I’m grateful for the friends who speak up. I’m grateful for the friends who tell you when something’s wrong. The folks who yell at you when they find your car puttering away. The friends who help you get your attitude back on track, when everyone else is just muttering about you behind your back. I’m thanking God for the friends who tell you when they think you shouldn’t take a job. The people who stick by your side through the whole ordeal, whether it’s a twenty-minute car break-in or a year long job hunt. Some situations are sticky and messy and really rather unpleasant, but they’re a whole lot uglier without friends to keep you focused and encouraged. [holding moses hands up in battle]


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